Are You Tired Of Being “Locked Out” Of The Real Estate Investing
Game By No Cash Or Poor Credit?

This Step-By-Step Blueprint Will Literally Force You To
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Using A Dime Of Your Own Money!

These are the exact secrets I personally learned from Marc Mousseau (professional trainer for 2 of the world’s best-known real estate gurus) …  and the good news is you DON’T have to have any investing experience.  With these “easy as 1-2-3” techniques you will NEVER AGAIN have to sit on the sidelines watching great deals slip through your fingers.

In The Special Report Below:

Master Investor and Professional Real Estate Trainer reveals his “tried-and-true” techniques even complete newbie investors are using to go from unemployed, broke and frustrated … to pocketing thousands  of dollars each month (and even tens of thousands) from properties they bought with no money down …

  • Top strategies the real estate “gurus” NEVER tell you WITHOUT any “pie in the sky”, ridiculously complex methods that would leave even veteran investors frustrated.  Just the simplest, fastest and most effective techniques for creating real wealth.
  • Transformed the lives of “everyday” people just like you by giving them a real plan for buying profitable properties and making enough money to quit their jobschange their financial future … and start living their dreams.
  • So powerful, you can even buy multi-million dollar propertieswith NO cash or perfect credit requiredYou’ll never look at buying real estate the same way.  (In fact, you’ll NEVER let the property price tag limit your dreams again!)
  • Plus, for a limited time, you can even learn it for FREE and literally within just a few hours.

Dear Fellow Investor,
If you would like to know how ordinary people go from no savings, no job and bad credit to owning multi-million dollar real estate portfolios with thousands in profit month after month, then this letter will show you how.

Here’s my story:

My name is Ken Chung and, until a few years ago I was a frustrated, “everyday” guy trying to escape the rat race.

I had just been laid off from my job for the second time in years.

I had spent years and years putting in long hours to get ahead.

I had sacrificed countless hours away from my family.

I had dedicated myself to a job in hopes of one day having enough savings to retire, put my feet up and enjoy life a little.

But even after all that, I had barely anything to show for it.

No job. No real savings.

Just this nagging thought that kept rolling over and over in my mind:

“There has to be more to life than this.  There’s GOT to be a better way to make money than busting my butt for someone else’s benefit.” 

And even though I had followed all the rules …

… I had done everything expected of me ...

I Was No Closer To
The Financial Freedom I Craved.

But you know what the worst part was?

I had the answer in my hands the whole time.  You see, during all those years while I was “working for the man”, I would listen to news stories about real estate investors cashing in big.

One moment it seemed they were profiting from the explosive housing boom in 2006.

The next moment, they were making a killing on the foreclosure market in 2009.

And I’m not talking about the big shots like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet.

These were average everyday people like me who started by buying just one property and were now living on “easy street”.

I Was Literally Going Crazy
Watching Them Put Buckets Of Money In Their Pockets
While I Didn’t Even Have One Red Cent To Invest.

I was dying to get in on the game – I simply couldn’t figure out how.

It was like torture.  A “steal of a deal” investment property could literally fall in my lap and I had no way to scrape together the down payment … no way to get a mortgage.

Meanwhile, other real estate investors were getting rich while I was getting nowhere.  They seemed to have a limitless supply of cash to buy all these properties I couldn’t even afford to make an offer on.

I was so frustrated … I felt like I was on the outside looking in at a “secret society”.

I mean, what did they know that I didn’t?

If I could get my hands on just one of those deals, I could put some extra cash in my pocket.  I could pay off some bills and start living a little easier.

Then one day, something happened that changed my life forever.

I was combing the classifieds … finding nothing but dead-end, “9 to 5” jobs that I didn’t even want.

I was struggling to figure out where my next paycheck would come from.  Something just “snapped” and I came to the simplest, most important realization –

If You Do
What You’ve Always Done,
You’ll Get
What You’ve Always Gotten!

I decided right then and there to take action.

I made a decision to take my “shot” at the real estate game and immediately signed up for a real estate investment course.

And that was the day I met Marc Mousseau.

If you don’t know Marc … he is not only a successful investor with over 30 years of real-life experience, but he been a professional investment trainer for the past 10 years.

His experience includes everything from small residential deals to large-scale commercial investments. Marc has made money on everything from single family home rehab projects to … managing 1500 units through his own property management company to … 6-figure assignment deals to … high-rise condominium conversion projects to … multi-million dollar land development ventures.

He’s taught tens of thousands of new and experienced investors a proven system for creating wealth.

But his real “claim to fame” is in what Marc doesn’t teach.

He doesn’t teach “huff and puff” without any substance. He gives you concrete, proven strategies that he uses himself to make money in real estate.

He doesn’t use “smoke and mirrors” to disguise the real steps it takes to be successful.

Anyway, without any of the usual B.S. and hype …

This Master Investor and Trainer
Marc Mousseau

Showed Me Exactly How To
Get In The Real Estate Game.

How This Master Investor And Professional Trainer Teaches Even Broke “Newbies” How To Make Money In Real Estate

Marc Mousseau has been a full-time real estate investor for more than 30 years and a professional investment trainer for over 10 years for two of the world’s best-known real estate gurus.

He is respected by industry experts, fellow trainers and investors alike for his diverse real estate expertise.  From the simplest rehab project to multi-million dollar condominium conversion projects and large-scale land development – Marc’s done it all!

Marc fell upon his first no money down deal at the age of 24 almost “by accident”.  Shortly after putting his entire savings as a down payment on his first home, the new townhouse project suddenly went bankrupt.

Not one to let his “bad luck” get the better of him, Marc saw an opportunity to make money by buying the 52-unit near-complete townhouse project for just pennies on the dollar.

Despite no prior real estate investing experience, he quickly secured a deal with the bank to purchase the foreclosed project for $250,000.  But with his savings drained and the closing date rapidly approaching, Marc needed to find a no money down solution.

The result was a lucrative deal with a local developer that put a cool $250,000 assignment fee into Marc’s pocket and ignited a lifelong love of investing.

Since then, his real estate experiences have included the acquisition of many multi-family, commercial and hotel properties, the execution of several large-scale condo conversions, the development of a 1200 unit property management company and a large international land development project (just to name a few).

But Marc’s true passion only revealed itself in 2002 when he was approached by one of the “big gurus” to begin training and coaching other investors.  In the past 8 years, Marc has taught over 10,000 people the most time-tested, proven techniques to make money in real estate.

From small business owners tired of struggling to get ahead… to young adults searching for an inspiring career path… to regular everyday people who just want to escape the drudgery of their job … Marc has dedicated all his time to showing people how to take control of their financial future.

However, until recently, it’s been almost impossible to learn Marc Mousseau’s real estate investing techniques for less than $5000.

So to keep pace with the ever growing demand for his training, Marc has decided to release a video series that reveals the exact blueprint to profit from real estate without using a single dime of your own money.

These videos will walk you through every step he and his students use to buy cash flowing properties, generate profit and build a multi-million dollar portfolio.

Plus, just to prove how powerful his techniques are, Marc is letting you try these videos for an unlimited time.  No catch.

If you’re not profiting from great no money down deals and making your investing buddies green with envy, we will refund your money and you can even keep the videos just for your trouble.

But this incredible offer will not last long.

To instantly download your lifetime “No Money Down Blueprint” test-drive today, simple click the button below and pay the ridiculously low price of only $249.

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And what he showed me absolutely blew me away!

It was like a switch suddenly went off in my brain.

I understood immediately how those other investors were able to buy property after property … never seeming to run out of money.

For example, he told me to REMOVE the words “down payment” from my vocabulary.  (His exact words: “That’ll kill your chances of doing more than one or two deals.  And completely destroy your opportunities for real wealth.”)

He said it was easier to buy a large, multi-million dollar apartment building with no cash down than to buy a small rental house.  And everything he said was 180 degrees opposite of what I thought I knew about investing in real estate.

Frankly, his advice was so “off the wall”, I almost thought he was joking.

But I figured I had nothing to lose.  After all, I was already unemployed and broke so I decided to give  this “no money down” investing thing a shot.

What happened?

To my astonishment …

I Bought My First Deal With No Money Down
On My First Deal

It was almost impossible to believe.

I swear I thought it was just luck. I had NEVER bought any investment properties before.

I immediately picked up the phone and called Marc.

“Congratulations, Ken.  Now, go out and look for the next deal”, he said.

So I started to look for other great investment properties and make more offers using Marc’s no money down method.  After all, why dip into my own profits when I now had the secret formula?


This time it was even faster and easier to put together a no-cash deal. 
I did it again … and again … and again … each time making more money than I made in a whole year of working.

My Family And Friends
< Were Astonished!

Now, I’m not one to brag but you should have seen their faces.

They were floored.

I mean, I was the guy who just got laid off from his job.  You could literally see the wheels turning in their heads – trying to figure out how I had done it.

But that was nothing. I did it over and over after that …

Well, they were dumbstruck.

And that day, I not only made my friends and family proud but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that …

I Had Escaped The Rat Race!

No more working at another dead-end job.

No more worrying about paying my bills or wondering whether I could ever afford to retire.

Instead, I was in control of my own financial future.

Now, you may be questioning how this is even possible?

How can someone like me (with no money and no experience) start buying an apartment buildings and commercial malls … with no cash and no credit … and turn it into a huge pay check … plus monthly profits?

Well, believe it or not, it has nothing to do an up market, a down market or with luck.

It has to do with knowledge – understanding key “no money down” ingredients to look for, how to structure your offer, and how to negotiate private financing.

But 99% of investors don’t have that kind of know-how.

You see, most people get interested in real estate as a way to make some extra income, help pay the bills, and maybe make enough for a vacation.  The only thing they know about buying property is what they learned when they bought their own home (and many haven’t even done that).

So, they struggle to save up enough money to put a 25% down payment.  Or fight to get financing from banks who demand impossibly high credit scores.

And, if by some miracle they manage to buy their first investment property, they find themselves stuck.  They’ve invested all their savings, exhausted all available credit and left themselves no way to ever buy any other profitable properties.

And worst of all, they bet all their financial dreams on the mere hope that the market appreciates.

But guess what?

Marc’s blueprint system not only allows you to buy great investment properties … but also gives you real techniques and strategies backed by more than 30 years of experience that…


  • Use none of your own cash
  • Never rely on your credit to qualify for financing
  • Have vendors clamoring to accept your no-cash deal
  • Build a profitable, multi-million dollar portfolio quickly


Marc calls it …

And after learning this system …

… many of Marc’s students “miraculously” went from broke and unemployed (some even bankrupt) to owning 5, 10, even 100s of investment properties …

… putting hundreds or thousands of dollars of extra cash into their pockets each and every month …

… amassing a portfolio of real estate

Students who used to feel trapped in dead-end jobs were able to quit their job and walk away with financial certainty.

Experienced investors, desperate to take advantage of below-market prices, learned new ways to bypass traditional bank financing and “fast-track” their profits.

Everyday people searching for a way to fulfill their dreams now had …

The Keys To
Financial Freedom!

And that’s the real beauty of Marc’s system.

You don’t need the real estate experience of Donald Trump or Warren Buffet.

You don’t need long list of wealthy joint venture partners.

And you don’t have to beat your head against the wall trying to decipher the “How To” books that promise to reveal all but tell nothing.

Unlike the big gurus, Marc’s training is based on only the simplest, most practical no money down techniques.

It is based on Marc’s honest desire to help average people make more money, live better and even retire rich (not about strong-arming people to spend absurd amounts of money to learn “fluff”).

And if you just follow Marc’s blueprint program, you can (very quickly) start buying up money-making investment properties.

Drive your friends insane with jealousy.

And …

Create Life-Changing Wealth
For Yourself & Your Family!

But here’s the problem:

Over the past 10 years, it’s been virtually impossible to learn Marc Mousseau’s no money down techniques.


Because he has been spending all his time coaching high-paying clients for two of the world’s top real estate gurus.  And he simply hasn’t had time to take on his own students.

Plus, even if you could get a spot in one of Marc’s training courses, you’d have to drop a fat $5000 per course – PLUS travel, food and lodging expenses.

That’s the bad news.

The GOOD news is, after watching countless, frustrated people get “locked out” of the real estate investing world by the ridiculously unaffordable $5000 price tag charged by the big gurus, Marc has decided to level the playing field.

Long story short … Marc has agreed to open up his playbook to everyday, hardworking people who want to learn to buy real estate but, until now, couldn’t afford to get in the game.

The result is an advanced HD instructional video series that shows you the EXACT same no money down techniques Marc teaches to all his students – including many just like me who have gone from unemployed to complete financially freedom.

Plus, Marc has just arranged it so you can …

Start Watching Them In The Next 5 Minutes!


And you can do it without ANY risk … and even for free, if you choose.

I’ll tell you how (and why we’re doing this) in a moment.

But first, let me tell you about how these videos will almost instantly take you from wanna-be investor to PROFITING from your first property with
no money down.

Here’s the scoop:

Marc Mousseau’s video series covers EVERYTHING – from “A to Z” – you need to buy real estate with no money down and start building life long wealth, including:

Why most investors can’t find no money down deals … how and where to look … key ingredients for success … how to structure no-cash financing (Marc says this is where 90% of investors fail!) …

And better yet, Marc’s BLUEPRINT system includes real life case studies (including his own real deals) to give you the precise steps he used to buy properties with no money down.  He shares exactly how he and so many of his students did it, so you can model their success for your own profits.

You’ll get:

6 Information-Packed, Actionable Training Videos


Plus, Marc’s case study training video will give you 5 different blueprints you can use to get started immediately on finding, buying and profiting from both residential and commercial no money down deals:


“Swipe and Deploy”
Case Study Video


 And, so you can review and reinforce all the key nuggets quickly, you will also get the “Quick Start” Audio version of each training video and a complimentary 202 page written transcript. 

Convenient “Quick Start” Audio Version & Transcript


All 6 No Money Down Blueprint Videos, the “Swipe & Deploy” Case Study Video, the 202-Page Transcript and the MP3 Audio Recordings are all instantly downloadable and viewable on any computer.

Here’s what you’ll discover:


You played a major part in my success and that same success is what inspired The International Hall of Fame for Real Estate Investors to induct me in 2005 a journey I might add that is still ongoing today, and for that I will always be grateful!


Ken Chung

It’s been incredible what I have learned with Marc. Now I have a 24 unit building under contract and the deal will be closing next month. I would say without your course and your teachings, it would have been impossible to find and invest in properties such as this.


~ Ian Bailey
Today I own 2 investment properties and I am on my way to financial freedom at age 23. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Marc!


Stefan Aarnio

“By the time my brother and I took the training, we kept looking at each other, saying ‘Man, I wished we knew that five years ago. We’re not investors at all. Real investors know how to work the numbers. They can make real deals happen’.  Learning how to creatively finance projects is something we learned from Marc, as well as how to treat this as a business.”


~ Marco Silvestri
President, Silvestri Capital

Marc’s given me inspiration that I can do it.  Marc also taught us the creative financing and he opened up our eyes to so many different ways of structuring deals. There was a lot of value in that course.”.


~ Jason & Marie Diewold,
Owners, JML Properties

Marc gives you all the information that nobody else tells you …that’s necessary to be successful.  He gives you the confidence to go out there and buy property.


Rob Robson

One of the best mentors I’ve ever had!  I would recommend anyone who is looking for training in real estate to go with Marc.  You will not only gain a mentor but also a friend for life!


Josue Cineus

” I wouldn’t have known about hard money lending without the courses I took with Marc


~ Pam Baker,
Kandu Investments
  • The fastest known way (100% proven) to go from flat broke to owning a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.
  • Why the “fancy-schmancy” techniques taught by most real estate gurus will NEVER allow you to buy property with no money down and what you should do if you really want to start making money in real estate.
  • The 13 BIGGEST MISTAKES most investors make when searching for and negotiating no cash deals. (These mistakes are precisely the reason why even experienced investors find no money down real estate to be as elusive as a unicorn.)
  • The “hidden goldmine” of no money down deals that 90% of investors don’t even know exists. (And how these almost laughably obvious places to look will give you access to thousands of new no cash opportunities instantly.)
  • Why a street beggar has a better chance of getting rich with a no money down deal than most investors. (Forget all the money mindset and law of attraction hype you’ve heard. You’ll be locked out of the real estate game. Simply do this instead.)
  • The secret “Ratio of Success” that will instantly eliminate all your frustrations with having offers rejected. (Once Marc explains this, you’ll almost feel like you’ve won the lottery even if a vendor refuses you.)
  • The FALSE LURE of no money down deals that could kill your profits and end up costing you thousands. (Even if you do everything else “right”, you’ll get burned if you fall into this common trap nobody likes talking.)
  • 6 secret ingredients to look for in every property that will instantly have you honing in on profitable no money down deals. (You’ll have the precision of a heat-seeking missile in separating the “dog deals” from the winners)
  • The dirty little secret about “motivated vendors” that keeps investors frustrated and miserable. (Most real estate gurus never tell you this. Yet, this important distinction will quickly pinpoint the most profitable properties and save you hours of wasted time on rejected offers.)
  • Marc Mousseau’s “Dating Principle” negotiating strategy that is all but guaranteed to turn vendors into putty in your own hands. (These are some of the oldest secrets known to man. But when Marc applied them to real estate investing, he had vendors practically handing over profitable properties with no cash down – and without any “arm-twisting”.)
  • Exactly how to find the perfect mortgage broker who will make financing your properties as smooth as silk – no matter how bad your credit or how little cash you have to invest.
  • The preposterous lie about interest rates (spread by parents, friends, financial institutions and even some investors) that is guaranteed to ruin your ability to finance no money down deals. (And will destroy your chance to make big profits in real estate!)
  • How to protect yourself against “highway robbery” when dealing with private lenders. (These “tricks” come from Marc’s 30 years of experience in real estate. Now you can defend yourself from unexpected loan repayments and ridiculous interest rate hikes that can quickly kill your profits.)
  • The simplest way to find lenders and investors who are ready, willing and eager to finance your real estate deals so you don’t have to. (Even when you have loads of cash to invest, you’ll still rely on these strategies to keep from draining your own account.)
  • The “secret sauce” of real estate financing that can magically turn even the most complicated deal into a no cash, no credit required bargain! (This secret alone will completely change the way you think about real estate investing.)
  • The Letter A: How the crafty use of just this one simple letter can give you absolute control over your mortgage negotiations. (Just put it in this exact spot in your mortgage clause and you’ll have the power of no money down financing firmly in your hands.)
  • 7 sure-fire negotiating techniques that will have vendors practically begging to loan you money on their own property – and willingly accept no down payment (Do this right and you’ll be putting thousands of dollars of profit in your pocket long before you ever make your first loan payment.)
  • The single best way to instantly transform even the laziest real estate agent into a willing ally who will hustle to bring you great no money down deals. (Warning: They’ll bring you so many no-cash deals, you’ll be turning them away!)
  • The exact, step-by-step blueprints for buying properties with no money down. (Marc’s real-life case studies reveal all the exclusive details you need to know on how to structure the offer, the negotiations and the financing. Simply “steal” his exact techniques and use them to buy anything from your own first home to large multi-family or commercial strip malls.)
  • How to quickly and effortless squash any objection a vendor throws at you when discussing your offer. (Marc’s students often rave that this information alone has made all the difference between a dead-end and closing a money-making deal.)
  • And much, much more.


Here’s the bottom line:

These HD videos will, without a doubt, change the way you think about real estate and open the floodgates to financial freedom.

Without using a single penny of your own money.

No perfect credit needed.

And without exhausting yourself making thousands of offers on properties with no chance for a no money down deal.

Instead, you get a tried-and-true strategies that work like clockwork every time –

Even If You’re A New Investor,
Even If You Have No Cash
And Even In
A Bad Market

This is no joke, either.

This is why new and seasoned real estate investors alike have gladly (and gratefully) paid an outrageous $5000 to learn these exact same no money down techniques from Marc.

And this is why when YOU use Marc’s techniques, you will have hundreds of no money down deals falling effortlessly in your lap like never before.

Plus, here’s what’s really cool:

It’s like being handed “xray vision” glasses.

Once you learn these strategies, no money down opportunities will almost magically appear before you.  While other investors struggle to get their offers accepted … scramble to pull together a hefty down payment …. and beg the bank for financing …

You’ll Be Snapping Up
Money-Making Properties!

And I can tell you from personal experience, all your friends and investment club buddies will drool with envy.  In fact, be warned, you will be bombarded with people begging you to teach them all your no money down secrets.

Finally (and perhaps best of all):

Since these lessons are on video, you can pause, rewind, fast forward and learn everything at YOUR pace.  No pressure. Nobody rushing you through the concepts or breathing down your neck.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

Seasoned investors and complete beginners alike have paid $5000 for the chance to learn Marc’s no money down secrets.  And every single customer has considered it to be the single best investment they made towards achieving financial freedom.

But you don’t have to panic over the price tag.  In fact, if we hear from you today…

You Can Learn All Of Marc Mousseau’s
Best No Money Down Strategies
For Only $249

Here’s how:

All you have to do is click the “Add To Cart” button and you will have instant access to “No Money Down Blueprint”.

You can be watching these videos (even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning) within minutes, with no waiting around, no shipping and handling costs.

Better yet, take all the time you need to watch the videos … a month, a year, a lifetime … without ANY risk or pressure.

If after using Marc’s blueprint system, you can’t get your no money down offers accepted … if you haven’t pocketed a BIG PROFITS without using any of your own money… if your investment club buddies aren’t coming to you for advice just let us know and we will refund your money on the spot.  No questions asked.

And You Can KEEP The Videos
Just For Your Trouble!

That means these videos either have you buying highly profitable properties … even with no cash and poor credit … or they’re free.

Let’s face it, there is no real estate guru with the guts to offer this kind of lifetime guarantee.

Marc has taught thousands of investors just like you and nobody has ever asked him for a refund or complained. Why – because Marc Mousseau’s “No Money Down Blueprint” just flat out works!

It’s not just the usual long list of no money down strategies slapped together in a $39 e-book. You know the ones … where they suggest trading your car as a down payment.  Seriously – what kind of deal is that?

Or they give you “fancy-schmancy” strategies that are so complicated that even the most experienced investor couldn’t pull it off.

Marc’s “No Money Down Blueprint” shows you the easiest, winningest techniques.

Techniques that let even “newbie” real estate investors put together killer deals with no cash.  And not just on single family homes, but on multi-million dollar properties!

Now is likely your ONLY chance to learn these exact same secrets without risking a single penny.

But, time is short and you must act fast.

Marc’s offer is mega-generous and it won’t last forever.

So don’t put this aside to “think it over”.  Besides, there’s nothing to think about.

With a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, it either works or it’s free …

This Is Simply A
No-Lose Deal!

To download your videos right now just click on the “Add To Cart” button below.

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  • Find, negotiate and buy profitable properties EASILY without using my own cash
  • Eliminate the frustration of having my credit refused
  • Create consistent cash flow and profits every time I invest
  • Build a real estate portfolio that creates real wealth and financial freedom for myself and my


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To Your Investment Success,



Ken Chung

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Negotiating For No Money Down
How To SELL The Vendor On The Deal

Using Credit Cards To Fund Your Real Estate

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